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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Balalaika. Most Russian musical instrument.

The musician Alexei Arkhipovsky
Vodka, caviar, bears, nested dolls and a balalaika is the main symbols of Russia. These are the main stereotypes. In addition, it is believed that on the Russian balalaika probably playing only one tune Kalinka Malinka (theme Tetris). But I suggest to listen as a musician Alexey Arkhipovsky playing on the balalaika. On a modern electric balalaika. Yes, do not be surprised!  If there is an electric guitar, then why can not be electric balalaika?

I will cite just one of the opinions about the musician in the magazine “America”:

“The sounds of three strings now brought on the audience the energy of the Niagara Falls, then soared like a quite crane over a lake surface, then seeped like honey from honeycombs in May.”

Look at the wonderful fragment of the concert of the musician Alexey Arkhipovsky. Melody called "The Road Home."

Full concert can be seen and heard here.

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