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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Meanwhile in Russia: incredible cars

On the roads in Russia may happen different funny stories. Look at these incredible photos!
photo The legendary T-34 back in the ranks again!
The legendary T-34 back in the ranks again! Make a tank in his garage it's easy!
photo homemade off-road vehicle

If next to you have not a good road, it is not a problem. You can buy off-road vehicle. No money? You can do off-road vehicle in your garage!
photo angry car!
Watch out! This car is angry!
photo car lost a wheel!
Hey, dude! You lost a wheel!
photo how did this happen?
I have only one question: how did this happen?
photo Behind the wheel panda!
Attention! Behind the wheel panda!
photo car in the snow
Perhaps this can be seen  in the winter on the roads only in Russia!
photo Russian homemade bigfoot!
Wow! Incredible Russian homemade bigfoot!
Lada cabriolet! From Russia with love.

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