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Sunday, August 11, 2013

The policeman on the hood of the car. How does the police in Russia?

Photo The car of Russian police
The car of Russian police
It looks like it's becomes a bad tradition in Russia. Drunk drivers in Russia are trying to escape from the police. And carry the policeman on the hood of his car when you try to arrest. Of course, the next day malicious infringer say: Oh, sorry, I didn't notice the police and I don't drink driving. This is outrageous! I don't really like the police, but the police behaves correctly.

This the offender has never had a driver's license. And he try to hide from the police, but was quickly apprehended.And policeman again found himself on the hood of a car.
This is a real police record of the detention of the infringer. The policeman obscenely swearing and threatening to beat up the infringer. Of course, when the offender was caught,he became very sick.

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